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global leadership development + executive coaching

It's about what's essential.

What is it that lies within each of us that is key to who we are and what we are able to achieve?

How do we find this core, and once found, how do we give power to the wisdom and potential within — to elicit something deeper and more meaningful, whether from our jobs, our relationships, our goals, or our life in general? I call this “finding what’s essential.” It’s an exciting and challenging process, and it is at the center of what I do.

Whether working with CEOs or management teams, global multinationals or mid-size domestic companies — I thrive on helping individuals, and teams, find, nurture, and deploy their essential.

 Lori Brewer Collins

Lori Brewer Collins

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work in a coaching relationship with Lori for several months in 2016 and can say without question that I am a more confident and effective leader as an outcome. Lori pushed and pulled me through various stages of self-discovery in order to unlock potential I knew existed but was untapped due to insecurities and fear. She is incredibly warm and relatable, intelligent and worldly, creative and entrepreneurial and just an all-around terrific woman.”
— Melisa Miller | Under Armour | VP HRBP – North America and Global DTC

About Lori

Lori Brewer Collins brings wisdom, compassion, and humor to the serious work of developing leaders and organizations. A passionate facilitator, masterful executive coach and engaging leadership educator, she helps people learn, grow and evolve to interact in truly collaborative ways — no matter what fears or competitive challenges they may be facing.

Work in 20+ countries on 4 continents has honed Lori’s awareness of the intricate dynamics of human interactions and the subtle complexities of organizational and societal culture. Knowing that words can easily be misunderstood, Lori chooses to inquire further, to look from a bigger perspective for new possibilities, and to think long-term — effectively modeling how curiosity and humility can deliver better results than force and judgment. Lori’s capacity to listen generously, distill what’s wanting to be said, and then raise the level of conversations among leaders, team members and groups invites everyone to make their best contributions.

Leaders around the world — in multinationals, Fortune 100s, government agencies and private companies — count on Lori to help their organizations master and excel at their own game. A committed advocate and ally, she has helped senior executives learn and develop savvy ways to navigate the environments in which they operate to have the most personal impact and influence.

Lori’s practical approach to corporate culture change, leadership and team development initiatives comes from her own experiences observing what succeeds and what fails in the workplace, the classroom, and in coaching sessions. Her corporate adventures include three years as a manager of leadership culture and values inside General Motors’ cutting-edge Saturn Corporation. With the Centre for Creative Leadership – Europe, she worked in partnership with prestigious business schools (Wharton School of Business, IMD). Lori was one of the thought leaders responsible for moving CCL into the organizational leadership development arena. She also serves as adjunct faculty for Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Duke Corporate Education. And for over 16 years, she has offered executive and team coaching services to senior executives at companies like Microsoft, AXA, Google, BP, and NovoNordisk.

Lori earned her M.Ed. in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University and is a certified executive coach through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She trained in conflict facilitation and is also experienced in administering a wide variety of 360 assessments and psychometric instruments. Lori lives in the US and Belgium and, when not flying between client engagements and homes, is writing her first book on the top fears leaders face today and how they can move through and beyond them.



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